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    Water Source High Temperature Heat Pump (85°C)

    Product Features
    1.Double stage coupling refrigeration cycle system design, a R410A system, two stage R134 system 2.Maximum outlet temperature 85℃ 3.Ambient temperature range: -35℃~43℃ 4.Unit modular design, multiple units in parallel to increase the total heat, centralized control. 5.4G DTU remote control unit
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Two-stage water source heat pump water heater (85°C hot water)

Product performance characteristics of MACON ground source two-stage cascade high temperature heat pump unit

1. Leading technology Macon geothermal cascade high temperature heat pump products are independently developed by our company with proprietary patent technology. It adopts the coupling system design of environmental protection refrigerant R410A and R134A, which is advanced in technology, energy saving and environmental protection.


2. The creator of domestic two-stage cascade heat pump The product can directly absorb heat from the ground source side, and the maximum outlet water temperature can reach 85℃. The product is suitable for place needing high-temperature hot wat and can directly replace coal-fired boilers, electric boilers and gas-fired boilers.


3. Integrated design and easy installation Product integrated design has compact structure, small floor space and convenient installation and maintenance.


4. Intelligent control The advanced microprocessor and control algorithm are adopted in the product, and the unit can automatically adjust the energy according to the load change.


6. Accurate and efficient refrigerant flow regulation and control The product adopts industrial-grade linear electronic expansion valve to control the flow of primary and secondary refrigerants, so as to ensure the accurate adjustment of the circulating flow of primary and secondary refrigerants under different ambient temperatures and different water temperatures, and the system works stably and reliably.


7. Complete product protection functions Product protection includes: high exhaust pressure protection, low suction pressure protection, motor protection (overload protection, overheating protection, out-of-phase protection), water flow protection, antifreeze protection, hot water temperature overheating protection, etc.


8. Low noise The products adopt the most advanced scroll compressor with stable operation, small vibration and low noise.


 9. Efficiency heat exchanger The product adopts shell-and-tube heat exchanger and refrigerant coupling high-efficiency 316 stainless steel plate heat exchange.


10. Environmental protection and energy saving The product uses the ground source side as the heat source, and directly absorbs heat from the soil, thus improving the utilization efficiency of primary energy. Zero emission and no pollution are truly green, environment-friendly and energy-saving products.


11. Wide range of uses This series of units can directly replace traditional coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, electric boilers and other products. Widely used in heating and domestic hot water places of office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, villas, residential quarters and buildings, it can also provide process hot water for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, food, agricultural

planting and livestock breeding industries.

Two Stage Water to Water Heat Pump Series

Heat Pump Type

Outlet water temperature range

geothermal side operating temperature range(brine)

Refrigerant type

High temp stars

ON/OFF Heat Pumps



R410A + R134a

Flame stars

DC Inverter Heat Pumps



R410A + R134a

Super Flame stars

EVI DC  Inverter Heat Pumps



R410A + R134a

Catalogue of MACON Geothermal High Temperature Heat Pump_页面_2.jpgCatalogue of MACON Geothermal High Temperature Heat Pump_页面_3.jpg


Catalogue of MACON Geothermal High Temperature Heat Pump_页面_4.jpgCatalogue of MACON Geothermal High Temperature Heat Pump_页面_5.jpg

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